Woodside Lodge Outdoor Learning Centre - About Us

Woodside Lodge Outdoor Learning Centre is a new Independent Special School, based in Quorn, Leicestershire, catering specifically for children with an AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER, aged from 11-19,  opening its doors to students on January 9th, 2013. Initially, on opening, we offered four places but this has since risen to six and is now expanding to twelve over the next three years.

Located at Woodside Farm, Sister to Stonehurst Family Farm

The Lodge itself is located on Woodside Farm, a commercial dairy farm owned by the Duffin family. The farm is the sister farm to Stonehurst Farm, the popular family farm, where families can interact with many of the animals who live there. The decision to seek a farm location to locate our school on, was purely to compliment the Outdoor Learning style of the curriculum. We will be offering subjects such as Land Based Studies (farming, horticulture & equine therapy) and Forest Schools, all of which will be taught onsite using the farms facilities, which include a large wood enabling us to deliver the Forest School subject. See our curriculum >

What Each Student Can Expect

• A safe, therapeutic environment.
• An Individualised Curriculum.
• Strong, positive relationships with staff.
• Experienced and skilled staff.
• A say in the subjects they study.
• Exciting curriculum opportunities.
• Their own workstation in the style of a booth.
• Classroom environment designed to be ASD friendly.
• “Something” or “somewhere” to move onto after Post 16.

• Opportunities to pursue enterprise projects.
• If necessary, support in passing their driving tests. (theory and practical).
• A comprehensive life skills plan, based around their needs.
• The chance to join regular afterschool clubs with a range of activities.
• Many of the lessons to be taught outside of the traditional classroom environment.

And most importantly, an enjoyable “school” experience. See our mission >